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Winemaker, grape-grower, conductor of sensory enhancement wine-tastings and courses, Co-author of ‘Wine Journey', Co-host of the Israeli wine podcast ‘Wine is Basic’. 


An advocate of local wines, advising locally and spreading the word internationally.  

Wine is inspiring.

Each drop holds a story of a time & place, of the maker and hidden memories of the drinker.

It is such a beautiful prism to look at life through.

For thousands of years grapes grew in this part of the world and wine was made.


In this wine tasting we  will learn of the indigenous varieties, the newcomers and the ever evolving styles of local wine-making. 


"Roni Saslove is at the forefront of a new generation of Israeli winemakers and is a champion of what she calls “mindful wine tasting”—trying to get people to experience the stories behind the grapes and to discover their own personal connections to a particular taste." Sylvie Bigar

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״With her beautiful laid-back approach, she conveys all these in her relaxed, informal delivery, sans dogma, which seeks to encourage people to explore their own inner wine. It is breathtakingly refreshing, innovative and totally original." Adam Montefiore.


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Photography: Ran Biran | Ben Yuster | Ella Barak

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