The first time I pressed wine grapes was with my feet in our garage at home. My father, Barry Saslove decided he wanted to make wine. Wine has always been an important part of my life. One special event, I particularly remember, was the joy of smelling Canadian  Ice-Wine and sipping it slowly so that it never ends. Such joy.

In 1998 I studied animal science at the Hebrew University in Rehovot. I thought I would be a veterinary doctor, but decided not to. My dream and the reality I found were too far apart. At that year my father established Saslove Winery and the whole family planted our first vineyard in Kadita.

After completing the degree, I joined the Winery as an assistant winemaker. 


In 2004 Barry asked me "why don't you make some of your own wine?", so I did. My first wine was a Kadita Dessert wine. After that, my thirst grew and in the following years I made many different wines, white, rose, reds, dessert and even a Canadian inspired Gewurztraminer Ice-Wine.


In 2008 I went to study Enology and Viticulture at Brock University in Ontario and worked at Tawse Winery. 


In 2013 we sold Saslove Winery and I established, together with Avshalom Cohen, “The Tasting Room”, a wine bar and showroom for Israeli wineries. The Tasting Room offers 400 great Israeli wines, 40 of them available for tasting with our temperature controlled automatic pouring system, and of course, great food. 


I love lecturing, and conducting sensory enhancement workshops​ where I illuminate the experience of wine tasting in all its depth.


Wine is so simple and yet so complex.  


It’s beautiful and fun. 

Photography: Ran Biran | Ben Yuster |                    Web Design: Eyal Evron 

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