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Booking a Wine workshops

We offer unique insiders introduction to the acclaimed booming Israeli wine scene.

through a wide array of formats and focal points, for an in depth knowledge of the different terroirs, varieties and local makers.

Listed below are our 3  custom made wine tasting experiences. we will be happy to create one that'll suit your desires.
We also offer wine tasting tours across Israel's  different wine roads (inc. city tours) and other wine related activities

Welcome to Israel-
A look through the wineglass


In this short and exciting presentation we will learn of the land and of the people through local wine-tasting.


45 minute presentation and
wine-tasting of 2 wines from local boutique wineries

A sneak peek at the unique
local Israeli wine scene


The wine industry in Israel has grown tremendously in the past few decades, practically everyday a new winery is born. There are 350 wineries, and 40 different wine-grape varieties are grown. In this wine-tasting we will enjoy different wines, from the high mountains in the north to the dry desert in the south.

60 minute presentation and wine-tasting of 4 wines from local boutique wineries

What did Noah drink and what has changed since?

Noah was the first documented viticulturist who lived in Israel over 3000 years ago.

Through this local wine-tasting we will explore the different terroir, "taste" the soil and ״smell״ the desert breeze.


120 minute presentation and wine-tasting of 5 wines from local boutique wineries

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